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Unable to change default collections pages

Each collection based page (For instance the blog page and the portfolio page) has three design options to choose from. If I choose design option two for the blog page, I just link everything to that version. My problem comes when I try to use the links for the categories within that page to show only specific categories, and it goes to the sub-page for that page containing those links it is stuck in V.1. and I don’t have any idea how to change it.

For the Blog Page the categories include:

Film In Weddings
Professionals in the Valley
Tuesday Tidbits
7T7 Heaven

When I go to the blog page it will show the design I like. When I click any of the links above to sort the blog page, it will automatically change to V.1.

I have even tried to redesign the categories pages so that they look like the V.2 by copying the design over to the category specific page, but the collection items will not interact with any of the chosen links. For instance if I am at the main page, and click Film in Weddings, it will still show all the blog posts, not just the ones from “Film in Weddings”.

My second issue is with portfolio. It is the exact same problem. My portfolio of choice is V1. But for some reason the tags:

Short Film

Are all stuck in V.2 with any design changes not interacting properly.