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Unable to change CMS category and sub-category name

I have been unable to change the names of website category and sub-category fields, so that changes made show up in the “published” website after name changes were made in the appropriate spots in “CMS” and “Pages” in Designer. The name changes “stick” to these spots in CMS and Pages in Designer, but do not carry through to the Published site. One would think this would be simple, to merely change a name (and not the makeup of the actual category or subcategory), but for me, I am scratching my head. Anyone know the solution to this problem?

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Could you please provide the share link to the project in question? If you do not know how to create a share link, please refer to this university article:

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The category that I attempted to change on the home page was “used fabrics” to the name “Japanese watercolors”. Also, the subcategory of “Japanese watercolors” is still also called “used fabric” with an image of “used fabric” that I am unable to to find a spot in Designer to change the image to a watercolor. I was able to successfully change the category image, just not the sub-category one

I have discovered a solution to my problem: I was able to make the name change in “Editor” as I was unable to do so in “Designer”