Unable to apply Webflow pre-made classes through Class Selector

I don’t know it this is exactly a bug or you guys changed the way that we can work with the pre-made classes that come with Webflow. I made a video explaining my issue:

ps: In this case I was trying to apply w-col classes to the TABS divs, so I can have a Tab that is divided vertically (and not horizontally which is the default). It is really common for me to use the w-col classes to make some adjustments (sometimes I also apply w-inline-block for example)

Hey @thiago, we made this change by design in order to prevent unexpected styles being added. For example, we had users who called divs “E Col” and “W Col” (east column, and west column), and the “W Col” was saved as “w-col”, which applied Webflow’s base column styling without notifying the user.

So unfortunately this was somewhat of a “hidden” pro feature that was not documented, and wasn’t meant to be used directly. Sorry about the inconvenience of it going away! :expressionless:

Thanks @callmevlad !

I see! I imagined that the number of people that had problems with this “hidden” feature was higher than the number of people using it like I use and that is why you changed… I just wanted to double check …


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