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Unable to add Custom Input Field for ECommerce Variant

I have a shopify client with $500k Shopify store. She doesn’t really like Shopify. I showed her webflow, she likes webflow and wants to test ads on webflow version.

I have a huge blocker.

  1. Works - Client has ‘Custom’ Embroidery to her products.
  2. Works - I have product variants adding $50 to the product on checkout page.
  3. Does NOT work - On Product Page, if user selcts Customization Variant option, then open an input box for 'Enter Initials or Letters here (up to 15 characters)"

I just need that “Custom Variant Input Field” to work then we can close the deal

I can’t get get E-Commerce Variant to open a custom input field if selected.

Need to add
Product Original: $50
Product Customized Variant: $100
where Customized Variant promts user to input initials or 15 characters just like shopify.

@miekwave ok, here is a solution. Not what you want but a solution.

  1. If the custom want Customization. Inform in the product text that they can put in the information on the check out page.

  2. On the check out page add additional information. Use the message fiels to let the customer enter the text.

It works

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Nice Workaround. I hope this works out :slight_smile:

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