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Unable to add class in Chrome on Windows


Since a few days, I can’t add class to any new element, there’s no input field.

Please help. I’m stuck. Chrome on Windows is only supported browser.

Windows 10 and latest Chrome with no extensions.

Hi @mike111, thanks for the report. Could you please report the the exact version of Chrome that is being used?

Click Chrome and then About Chrome and copy that version number and paste here. Thanks in advance!

Version 52.0.2729.3 (64-bit)

Hi @mike111, I am currently investigating a bug on chrome that is limited to the Development version of chrome. Could you please install the latest stable version of chrome, which is Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit).

Once using the latest stable (and supported) chrome version, the issue should go away. The version you are currently using is the development version of Chrome and is not supported.

I hope this helps!

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