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Unable to add ANYTHING to site due to "cannot have more than 20 collection Lists" message

I’m having an issue where I can’t add ANYTHING to my WF site now at all (div, heading, image etc) - I get the error “You cannot have more than 20 collection Lists on a page”. Now I can appreciate that might be the case (and I need Business Hosting) but what I can’t understand is that I’m not trying to add another Collection List, I’m just trying to carry on building my site.

It’s not due to go live for a few months yet and didn’t want to waste money purchasing Business Hosting when the site is technically not ‘hosted’ during dev.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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If you have managed to have more than 20 lists on the page, try to delete the extra ones and go from there. If this doesn’t solve your issue, I guess you need to contact support.

Edit: checked your website, I think you need to contact support.

Ping @Brando

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Hi @ConnectCreativeDes, thanks for the post about the trouble adding new elements. That is very strange for sure, I have reached out to the team to get help in getting this resolved.

I will post as soon as there is an update.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there. Thanks for looking into this, I’ve also contacted support too as I need to discuss the site with eh client later today so hoping to get it resolved.

The irony is that I’m meeting the client to explain how great Webflow is and to try and get them to sign up to Business Hosting, its a bit embarrassing at the moment!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks Vincent. That was my first guess too but alas its still playing up :frowning:

I’ve contacted support.

Hi. So sorry to pester but I’m not getting any help from Webflow staff on this issue and my client if getting increasingly frustrated. Webflow support is normally excellent but since raising the issue I’m still awaiting a solution and update.

My project has come to a full stop and I’m desperate to get started as I need to launch the site soon.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ConnectCreativeDes

Thanks for pinging us again on this and apologies for the delay.

There was a bug introduced a while back that allowed some customers to add more than 20 collection lists to a single page. The 20 list limit is a hard limit no matter what hosting plan you have. We’ve since pushed a fix so you can’t add more than 20, but it looks like you have 22 lists on your home page.

I made a video showing a solution you can use to take this number down by three on the home page. You can use this same method across other pages that have the same error.

Hope this helps unblock you! :slight_smile:

We too have this problem on Homepage of our customers site. It is currently on the business plan, and with 12 collections on the frontpage. But it will not allow us to add anything anywhere. On all other pages of the site we still can.

A little debugging showed, that If we remove 5 collections, so we are down to 8, we can add again.

Mind you it is NOT just collections we cant add. It is anything… divs, headings…

I sent the share URL to support, but due to agreement with the client, I can’t share it here unfortunately.

Hope for a quick fix.

Hi @Fagerlund

Thanks for the heads up! I just checked your support ticket.

After looking through your site, it looks like you have 25 collection lists total on the home page. There are 14 in the menu symbol and 11 spread out through the rest of the page.

It’s starting to look like the bug is back where we can add more than 20 lists to a page :thinking:

I’ll do some more testing on this, but for now deleting 5 of these should resolve the issue for you.

Hi Brando, thank you so much for reaching out with this solution, its a great help. Thanks for explaining how to reduce some of my Collection Lists in the video too, I get get back to work now!

Thanks again buddy.

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