Unable to add a footer onto one of my pages

Hi all,

my footer has gone into all of the pages I made just fine… until now. When I attempt to drag and drop my footer into the “Our Team” page, I get the message that sections cannot be nested. I am stuck and unsure how to work through this issue. Any help is much appreciated!!

The issue is under the About folder on the page labeled “Our Team”. --> Read Only Link:



Um…I just clicked on it and it was added fine. Maybe you didnt have Body selected?

Not sure how its possible that you see that considering that “footer” isn’t even in my navigator for that page. I see nothing no matter what I have selected because its not a component in my page…

Also, why is it floating in the middle of the page on that screenshot?

Also check out the live sight. Not anywhere to be seen on the “Team” page (scroll down on the landing page and select “team” to access the page)


In the left sidebar, you can see there’s a Symbols tab, you can find the footer there ( and all the other symbols you’ve created). If you click on it, it will be added to the stage.