Unable to access "default" state of Search Results page

Search Results Page: I switched to the “no results” state to style it and am unable to switch back. nothing I do will get me back to the default state. I cannot add anything into the Search result list. search in the live site only results in the “no results” state, even after indexing…

this is the same issue as here that seamingly was never resolved: Need help with search results page!

I am getting no response from Webflow support on this, though that could be the holiday… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you can see that the “default” state is selected, yet the “no results” is all that is shown:

Read only is here, but strangely I can access the default state in the read only (I can also access the default state on a site duplicate, if I duplicate the site):

For anyone struggling with this in the future, I ended up having to duplicate the site and have Webflow transfer the hosting to the duplicate top be able to access the default state.

The one thing I missed as far as actual searching, was unchecking the “exlude these pages from the site search results” hiding in the Blog Template.

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