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Un-hide an overlay

I feel like such a dummy but I have a webflow website that I really love, it was put together by a developer I’m no longer in touch with and we’ve been able to make most changes to the site pretty easily until today.

Our site - has a call to action button that makes a “CONTACT US” overlay appear and we recently moved to a new office so we need to change the address in that overlay.

I tried going through all the different layers and elements but I can’t find a way to UNHIDE the overlay for the life of me. Can someone PLEASE look at the code and help?

:hamburger: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :hamburger:

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Hi @speedgeek - Its because Popup Wrapper has Display Settings set to ‘Hidden’ and Opacity of 0% - The Popup Wrapper is inside the Popup symbol element (green). Double click to open ‘Popup’ and you’ll see it.

I’d normally set these states on Popup Wrapper using an interaction, setting ‘Initial Appearance’ to Display None and 0% Opacity. Your developer obviously hid the Popup so he could see and work on the rest of the site behind it. You may need to set Popup Wrapper back to Display None and 0% Opacity when you’ve finished changing it, or use an ‘Initial Appearance’ Interaction as mentioned. Regards Kai


don’t know how I missed that… thank you so much Keejo!

Good morning @speedgeek - Easy to miss this one! No problem! My pleasure… Glad to help out! Regards Kai

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