UK AdWords expert required for my client

I’m looking for UK based AdWords experts to run a campaign either with me and my client, or directly with my client.

Analytics has been set up, and a campaign has been run, but I’d rather my client get a better experience with their ads.

If you could either PM me or drop your details below that would be great, or let me know if you’d like more specific details.

DM’d you! I have a contact for you.

Hi Scott, thanks for the message. I’ve put them in touch with someone now, I would have definitely taken you up as I’ve seen the quality of your work!

I may have another client though… I’ve built them an e-commerce store for their side project, and they have another main website built by someone else that they spend £300 a month on for Adwords, but don’t even know if it’s getting them any traffic!

I will keep you posted though and be in touch as we haven’t discussed that side of things yet.

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Thanks for the compliment @magicmark !
I’m glad that you found someone to steer you in the right direction :slight_smile:
Sounds great, If you need help in the future with anything, definitely reach out. We put a heavy focus on making sure analytics are being reported properly and utilized accordingly during the strategy process for Adwords clients. It’s important to know how things are performing :wink: