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UI Question about sections within homepage

Im trying to find and understand the best way to design and prioritze the different sections of a website. I cant seem to fin the answer anywhere or with anyone. I understand the navbar and hero are at the top and footer are at the bottom that Im having issues with understanding. So from what I see and hear, under the header/hero goes social proof section, then benefits and features section underneath that, services section, testimonials section, and CTA section last. Is this the correct way to follow? Is this UI best practice? Im to the point that if its not in a set way, it wont be good enough or will wrong. Can I please have your wisdom on this. I know it depends on the project and such but typically what would be the best practice. Is there any UI/UX coarse on udemy that you recommend? I added a file so you can see what Im talking about. PLEASE HELP!!

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ooh, this is a complicated question @jtorr19. The order you suggested sounds good. It’s more about showing the customer the right story (in the right order) for them to buy. What information do they need first? You can take a look at other websites and see how they order their content. Just get started on the order you’ve got and you can always optimize later on.

Hi Sarah, I’ve too many differences that just made me more confused. Nobody really explains why they do what they do, they just do. That’s why Im tired of watching tutorials.

@jtorr19 is there anything specific I can help with? What are some of those differences?

It would be nice to have a mentor in this industry to be honest mam.

A basic rule of thumb I try and follow / teach when designing a homepage is answering the following questions.

What is this?
What does it offer?
Who is it for?
How much does it cost?
How does it work?
Why should I trust this?
How to get started?

These are very basic, but important questions users/customers will ask when visiting a website for the first time.

Hope this helps.

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@adam_barley @sarahfrison Thank you so much for your assistance on this. I’ve been thinking so much on what other websites look like that I failed to think about the unique story for this website. I think that once I get a better understanding of how to ask the right questions, they will guide the order of elements. I know there are still best practices on this however they are unique nonetheless. Where can I find such a questionnaire that will ask the rights for a client so I can get the story correct? Thank you.

The super simple scheme always goes like this:

  • what
  • why
  • how

where you first introduce your service in short, then describe the benefits in short, then make a call to action. Depending on the service the cta may appear on the very first screen before the explanations and then be present throughout. Like Webflow’s own landing page or Squarespace, or, say, InVision.

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