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UI for Web App to end Human Trafficking

I’ve been the project manager/designer for the Freedom Collaborative for the past year+. It’s a web app we created to help organizations to share their programs and resources. It’s a fairly involved RoR app that utilizes wiki & social commenting principles.

I’ve been using webflow to prototype the various supporting pages for the project. I must say that I. am. blown. away. by the interactions.

I tried some basic interactions on a page I did for a new sub-project called “Freedom Dialogues” we have yet to release it, but I’d love to get any feedback on it / or our project in general.

Much appreciated and kudos to all of you at Webflow. This place feels like a big deal.


Awesome site! Great application of our interactions features. Keep sharing your work it’s great!

Looks good! I would move the title out of the image so it would be easier to read though.