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UI bug (Minor): You can't scroll down on the list of classes to clean

You can’t scroll down on the list of classes to clean, so if you have too many, you can’t see the “Remove classes” button.

The workaround it to un-zoom with Chrome and then squint to click on the very tiny button :smile:

Hey @vincent, thanks for the report, could you pm me the link to the site with all the classes ? We’ll take a look. Cheers, Dave

You can check that on my sandbox. Click on Clean up styles and you’ll see the list being too long to access the clean button, and no possible drag drown (I don’t have a mouse at all, but trackpad and tablet can’t scroll down).

I’m also having this issue. This is what I see in the right hand menu:

Using Chrome Version 41.0.2272.76 (64-bit)

Scrolling does not work… :frowning: I had to go into DevTools and add “overflow: scroll;” to the right hand menu CSS to show the “Remove” button.


Same issue here. The clean styles list is just too long and there is no scrolling bar, therefore the remove option, stays down and it’s not showing on the screen.

The easiest workaround is to use Chrome Edit > Zoom > Unzoom

Unzoom a few times until you see the tiny button, click it and reset the zoom.

Thanks Vincent! That did the trick :smile: