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UDP to trigger actions on local network from webpage


I think I’ve got a quite tricky question. Long story short, I’m using a BrightSign player as an audio announcement system for a client. In order to play specific messages on request, the player listens to UDP commands sent on the network and acts accordingly to what it hears.

For example, the command “test” runs a test message. This method had worked with any packet sending app on my Macbook, as well as my iPhone.

Now, I wish to develop a very simple branded web page that my client could access on his mobile phone and trigger the commands (only when on the local network, of course) from a list of buttons. I feel like the only way for this to work would be either for the browser to send the commands, or for the web page to send the commands to a local server (i.e. one of the networked computers that is open 24/7).

I’ve spent the whole afternoon researching this but couldn’t come up with a solution by myself.

Is there a way to implement such a code on a Webflow site, or am I being too hopeful ?


Webflow does not support custom server-side code.

And what about just sending UDP commands?

This is something you should consider asking on SO, as it is highly technical.

Basically no. You will still need some server-side code.