Typography, Safari Support, Pricing & Focus

I’ve been using Webflow both professionally and personally for about two years now. I’m still on a personal plan and planning to continue my membership, but I do have some wishes.


  • Subscript and superscript

Safari Support

  • Faster performance when doing an HTML Export. I really dislike using Google Chrome…
  • No more “unknown”


  • I’ve spend $600 in total on Webflow over the course of 3 years. Even though that’s a lot cheaper then Photoshop, it’s still a lot of money for an independent professional.


  • I feel as if Webflow is just focussing on developments for CMS users and has forgotten about the group that don’t use Webflow CMS. I feel kind of left out of the feature party since I simply can’t afford to spend more on recurring monthly costs.

That’s it for now. Still think Webflow is the best tool around, but I just needed to get this of my mind.
Keep up the good work!