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Typography - Columns

Hi Webflow,

Once again, in my series of amateur web development questions. I need a hand with general typography and making the text continuous from one text block to another text block.

This moment in time, when I have three columns of text in a horizontal alignment - i need to manually play around with the text to ensure that it has a nice flow. Though surely there is a way, just like in indesign, to continue a text box to another text box while keeping the dimensions concrete.


Hi @juliansocial, unfortunately right now it’s not something we support out of the box, but hope to in the future. CSS has historically been bad for things like this, but as of IE10 has been catching up (e.g. see The main issue right now is that we still support IE9 for published sites, and that browser does not support columns. Although we may just implement it anyway, and just warn our designers that using CSS-based text columns will not show properly on IE9 and below…

In the meantime, your approach might be the best one :\ Thanks for your patience as we research how we can implement this!

Ok great, thanks for the feedback, just thought I was doing it all wrong - it will be great to see this implemented!