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Typekit logo bug?

I wanted to remove type kit, so i remove the acces to webflow website in the typekit account and the font dont load anymore but the logo at the bottom right is still there maybe you should do a remove button ?

Hi @Pierro, can you help me understand how you did this? Did you remove the Webflow website URL from your Kit settings on Typekit? Or did you remove Typekit from your Webflow account settings?

I’m also having this issue. I’m on a trial account of Typekit so require the logo badge ‘Fonts from Typekit’ to be displayed in the bottom right corner. However I’m no longer using fonts from Typekit but the logo still exists.
I’ve removed my Typekit API number from Webflow in an attempt to remove this logo but its still there.

Since I’m unable to directly edit the code is there any way to remove the logo from within Webflow?


Hey @elliotclem1 and @Pierro we’re fixing this right now!

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Thanks ! sorry for not have answered sooner i am pretty busy :frowning: