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Typekit load error

There’s a call to a typekit js file in the part of the header that webflow is building for my pages (prior to any of my header custom code) that is failing:

I don’t have any typekit kits hooked up to this site, though I had previously and removed it a while ago. I just discovered this GET error while doing some troubleshooting on other font issues, but I don’t know that it’s actually causing the site any issues. It just seems to point to something under the webkit hood that didn’t clear out my typekit settings when I removed the kit?

Ah good catch - there isn’t a way to unassociate a kit from your webflow site. We’ll take a look, thanks for reporting!

Hi @ramatsu - just added a way for you to clear your typekit kits on your site in the font settings tab of the dashboard. Now if you clear it, it won’t load typekit scripts after you publish.

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Fantastic, thanks for the quick fix!