Typekit for the Team Plan

Hi Guys,

On my previous plan Typekit was working correct.
But now on the team plan, it does not show up anymore!

I can’t imagen that i am the only one who’s got this problem?

Hi @Koen, great question! The team plan has it’s own typekit integration, go to Account–>Team–>Select your team.

On the team settings page, select the integrations tab and add your Typekit key.

I hope this helps, let me know if you get stuck :wink:


Thanks Dave, specialy on a saturday! :grin:

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What an amazing coincidence! I have the Pro plan right now and I’m looking at team plans for work. While driving this morning, I was really wondering how Typkit integrations work with teams. My fear was that it was tied to individual employee Adobe accounts, meaning if someone leaves the team, the client websites that employee created lose their Typekit functionality.

Sat down at the computer, clicked on to the Webflow Forum, and this thread is at the top. Answered my questions!


its really an amazing coincidence…
had this question for some time… but used the google fonts instead…
i always forgot to ask it…

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