Two types of sliders needed


I need help building two types of sliders for my client’s site. They would like to have one set like this:

Where the main image is above, and you can slide through the image below. They don’t want a lightbox. And would prefer it to be CMS, but I can convince them to not have it.

The second set of slides is like this:

Wherein all the slides are visible. The main slide is centred, the opacity mask on the image is lifted so that the image is in full contrast, and the slide loops endlessly.

Is there any plan to allow better customization of the tools available to us?

I have tried a few solutions but none of them works properly. I have tried a cms slider using we-blocks and js. but I can’t get it to function if the slides are centered, which given the design doesn’t work. It would be nice to have more customization of these features. If anyone has any advice or a link to some js. that would work that would be great. I don’t actually know js, but if there is something pre-built I can implement it.

My client has agreed to host with Webflow, however, it would be much better if they would allow the hosting of js. Any chance of that happening soon? I have been using Webflow personally for 8-9 years, but am now starting to notice some real limitations when it comes to what we can do with these sites.

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The first slider is and the second is Owl Carousel → Home | Owl Carousel | 2.3.4. Both can be implemeted in WF.