Two-Tone Background Color, Columns & Text Alignment Help?

Hi Everyone! I’m a beginner Webflow user and new to the forum.

I’m trying to set up this layout for a website I’m building. I’m having trouble with the two column section and keeping the text within the column aligned with the header text.

What I’m trying to do (wireframe):

In practice, I’m having trouble with figuring how to set it up so:

  1. The two column background colors span the width of the webpage.
  2. The text in the column section stays aligned with the header (is there a simple way to do this that I’m missing?).

I’ve binged watched so many of the webflow tutorials and am still stuck. You can see here I’ve experimented with columns, grid, and flex box but I feel like I’m missing something:
Here’s the read-only link.

Any guidance or thoughts on how to implement this section?

Thanks so much in advanced! :slight_smile:

Hi monisha- Looks like you need to remove the auto-margin on the top section and then use padding to match the alignment with the text in the section below. Here’s a quick video to show you what I mean:

Hope that helps!


Out of likes, but you deserve one for creating that video!

Now I were able to express my gratitude! :webflow_heart:

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Thanks so much for making that video and your response, Paul! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: