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Two suggestions for animations webflow:

1 Ability to disable / change interactions between screen sizes.
(now, if I want a menu animating X on the big screen and small screen Y gotta create two menus, it would be cool to change the animation only)

2 Ability to animate according to the change of screen size.


If you set a transition on an element that has different properties for devices than desktop, it will animate.

But in my case it would be a transition that affects other elements together.

for example:
an animation that closes and opens on the small screen, but in the big screen should not disappear only decrease.

I think with only the idea 1 you can make the solution 2 (you program “on load” but it will active only in the big screen)

Could you create two unique instances of your animation and swap attributes for visibility for each screen size scenario?

I understand the request, and it would be cool to have that ability without the replication.