Two-sided marketplace: help with configuration of addons etc

Dear community,

I am struggeling to figure out what the best mix of plugins, addons etc. is for my two-sided marketplace website and need your help.

Currently my landing page is built on webflow, but I am planning to build a marketplace for services provided by users for other users with the following functionalities:

  • User login area (both for the service providers and service takers), without membership fee —> is this possible with memberstack?
  • User messaging: Users can have conversations with each other on the website, like an instant messaging —> is this possible with memberstack?
  • Profiles: Service provider profiles filled with CMS content —> webflow & memberstack?
  • Search results: Search for service providers close to you —> jetboost
  • Booking system: Send booking requests via a calendar (shows availability of user) to the service provider, confirm them by the service provider, pay by the service taker and last confirm service completion by service taker —> I assume I would need to use a combo out of airtable and zapier? Any other tips? From what I understood ZealSchedule or similar are not options, because you need to pay per resource which wouldn‘t make sense.
  • Payments: Creation of dynamic payment links, meaning amount is based on the price stored in the CMS and number of hours requested by the service taker —> stripe in combination with zapier creating every time a new product and price? Any other tips?

I am very greatful for any guidance!

Thank you very much!

Best regards,


Hi Jerome - sounds like you’re building a beast of a marketplace haha.

I think you’re pretty spot on with many of the choices. Will weigh in on a few areas I’ve had some experience. As a caveat, I’m the co-founder of Whalesync.

  • User login area without membership fee → yes this should be possible with Memberstack or even Webflow’s new membership functionality that’s in beta
  • Profiles: Service provider profiles filled with CMS content → Webflow + Memberstack should work, although this can get unwieldy if you have hundreds of profiles. At this point you may want to use Airtable to manage the profiles and Whalesync to sync to Webflow.
  • Search results: Search for service providers close to you —> As long as you can categorize their location in some way (e.g. city, country, region, etc.) then Jetboost is the way to go. Makes it easy to filter.
  • Payments: Creation of dynamic payment links → Stripe is the only way I know of to create payment links (but they’re great).
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Hi @jeromegotwebflow.
Josh with Foxy here. You might look into our seamless Webflow integration: Custom code and other technologies will be needed, but out of the box we support:

  • Memberships
  • Paygating Webflow pages/content
  • Dynamic payment links (using CMS and/or static data)
  • Embeddable customer portal
  • 100+ gateway integrations
  • and more

There’s a lot that goes into properly setting up a marketplace. Foxy can help you get some/most of the way there. Also, you might look into Glide ( Works with Foxy too.

Here to help if you need anything at all. Also, we can assist with the integration with our Accelerate Program: Accelerate | Please don’t hesitate to reach out: