Two problems in the CMS: Blog articles do not line up 3 in a row as they should, I can’t set up filtering


I made a blog, but I can’t solve two problems.

Problem 1:
My Collection List states that articles should be arranged 3 in a row. But for some reason, some rows have 2 or 1 article each, and the rest of the space is empty:

Please tell me how to solve this problem?

Problem 2:
I installed filtering according to these instructions: CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes
And I tried to set up the identifier according to this instruction:

But if I put an attribute on a certain tag in the collection to associate it with a filter, then absolutely all tags also use this attribute. That is, I just can’t put different attributes on different tags in the collection((
Is it possible to do something about this?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Nuta, welcome to the forum.
For any type of designer questions, its important to share your readonly designer link so that the community can help you.

This will help with your first problem-

To your filtering question, I can only guess, for that I’d need to see your readonly link and a published site link as well.

But my guess would be just that you have some kind of tags in your item cards, and some sort of selector ( select, radio buttons, checkboxes etc ) in your filter form. FS Filter uses the text content of your tags to make the filtering decision, not the attribute value. So every tag element in your cards would have the same FS attribute e.g. fs-cmsfilter-field = tag and so would the form fields you’re using to control it.

If you used e.g. radio buttons in your filter form, then FS will match the value of that radio button to the text value of the matching tag, and only show those cards.

Thank you!
You helped solve the first problem, now everything is displayed correctly:)

Regarding the second problem, I still haven’t found a solution(

As I understand from the description in CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes, filtering works precisely by attributes, and not by the text description of the tag…
But I also tried adding the fs-cmsfilter-field = tag attribute to the tags and their controls, but that didn’t work either…

Here is the link to the designer: Read only link
Here is a link to the finished site: Новини

I would be very grateful for your help!

Excellent :smile:

Yes their docs aren’t especially clear on this. I had the same confusion originally.
But it actually does match on the text itself.

You have it almost setup correctly except two details-

First, you need an attribute on your collection list.
It’s the step #1 here- CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes

And second, your radio buttons are setup correctly however the tags inside of your list items somehow have a space after them that prevents matching. You can see it in the CMS.

Thank you)

I have the first step ready, I added this script to the page in the “Head” section, as written in the instructions.

I removed the extra space after the names.
But it still doesn’t work for me((

:laughing: funny, I didn’t scroll up and notice that.
I actually meant this first step-

Oh, thank you very much!!! Now it works! :grinning: :heart_eyes:

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