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Two Photos side by side Rich Text CMS Element


I want to display two photos side by side in a CMS Rich Text Element? Is this possible? And how?


Hey Toby, did you find a solution for this?


Yes i found a solution. Thanks

Did you manage to display two photos side by side using the CMS Rich Text? I’m looking for the same… thanks Toby!

Unfortunately, I can no longer find the video. I found it at Pixelgeek via long search in Google and Youtube.

Either you just write to him, if he can tell you how this video was named? If he sees my screenshots, I think he knows what I mean.

I have given you an idea with the screenshots, maybe that helps. I have made 3 different layouts, which I can then select in the CMS.

Now i must a bit work.


This is super helpful, thank you.