Two out of four button elements disappear from page upon preview and publish

What’s up Webflow gang!

UPDATE: I figured out the issue, it was the way I set up scroll animations with the CTAs. :man_facepalming:

It would be great to get some help with an issue that just crept up on me. I’ve been designing a fairly simple portfolio website for myself (is one’s portfolio website ever simple tho?) that is primarily a one pager. So far I have been using just one kind of button element instance through out several sections and 2 out of 4 buttons have decided not to show up when I preview or publish the site.

The 2 buttons in question are within the 2 last sections on the page. In the designer view they are present so I have been able to try and troubleshoot this in various kinds of ways but I keep running into this strange disappearing act no matter what I try.

It wasn’t always like this however. It seems like after I set up a horizontal scrolling section and a simple background animation to the bottom/cta section of the page did this start to happen…but not right away…kind of strange.

Stranger still, every once in a while upon many previews and publishings, the buttons in question do show up, but at like a 10 or 20% opacity when I scroll from top to bottom several times.

I’ve tried looking for a similar issue on this board but haven’t had any luck finding anything that can point me in a good direction for solving this.

Below are some screenshots and a read-only link to the site. Thank you in advance for all your help! :pray:

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