Two newbie questions

Just getting started with Webflow and hoping someone can help me out with two little things I am hung up on:

Recorded a 2 min video showing where I’m stuck:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey Sean, good effort on the site! To answer your questions:

  1. you’re on the right track here, yes it was caused by the border and the hover effect. Adding a border increases you element height which increased it’s wrapper/parent hence taking up more space and pushing the content down.

Ideally in this case, I would set the default state to already have a transparent border. This is so that when you hover you don’t alter the element’s height, just the border color.

  1. The state that you’re looking for here is “'Current” not “Visited”. While you can’t manually select the “Current” state. You can bring it up automatically by being on the page of the current link destination. I.e. Go to the article page and click on the article link. Beside your class name there should be a green “current” state added.

you don’t have to repeat this on all 3 links. as long as they share the same class name the current state will apply to all.

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Thank you!! Solved and much appreciated :slight_smile:

This vid shows it working and adds 1 more question about my Nav bar shifting left when I click on one of my pages:

Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate you taking the time.

@sean90 It is most likely the scrollbar. Can you share the published link for me to check for sure?