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Two new websites released!

This week, we released two websites, our own, and another one,
We welcome any comments and feedback!
Apparently, in some browsers, the Contact section flicker after a while. I don’t know how to address this, any advice?

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Hi @cecilia, Both great sites ! I have one comment on the site, and that is, on the text color for your heading titles in the red section on the site, with the black text, it is a little hard to read, you might consider making the text a light greyish color and the headings in bold white? I am a little color blind, so that is why dark color (black) on another darker color (dark red) seem to give me problems reading that… Could just be me too :smile:

Cheers and good job ! I thought the site was also nice :smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback!
I realize now that the black headlines might be difficult to read, especially for color blind people. Designwise I liked it, since it would look less interesting with all texts white … I have to think up a better solution. Thank you!
How about the Contact section, do you think that works?

Hi @cecilia, yeah that contact us section looks really good :slight_smile:

Thank you! Someone told us it flickered, but maybe that was a fault on their web motor. Thanks again!

@cecilia, to be able to duplicate the page flickering, I would need to know what OS the user is on, and the exact browser version to duplicate this… but for modern browsers it should not be a problem. Cheers, Dave

Hi Cecilia,

First off, what an effort on the Franketc. site. I think it stands out because it’s not the average parallax theme or graphic based site. My general feeling of the site is that it’s a little cramped together, and the content (as you’ve made some marvellous designs) “deserves” some space of its own. Some feedback:

  1. I’d very much like a contact button on the bottom/footer of your page, as an addition to the navbar.

  2. When using text in large paragraphs, I personally like it to be justified.

  3. You could, if that doesn’t affect your design too much, increase line height a pixel or two. To let it “breath” a bit more.

  4. I’d wrap the class “number” into a div, together with the H3, so you can more easily style the red part. Add some margin-top on the div, and some padding on the h3.

  5. On the awards & recognitions, you must have spend some time getting those images right. However, i’d like to have some hover tooltips, or maybe (if you have time) make some links to the awards on the right.

For the lemonlight site I would want a bit more clear what it does. Maybe you can make a tagline out of this paragraph to explain to visitors what the lemonlight is:

“The Lemonlight product line focusses on quality lighting with low energy leds, high quality in material and focus on design and innovation.”

Furthermore I’d personally like some color enhancements:
a. The section border color (#d8d905) differs from the M1 / M2 / M3 color in the images.
b. I’d suggest to use #cfcfcf instead of #fff on the font color for the description, as the background is so black. That contrast is easier for the eyes. [Same for border color of the “tabell”]
c. I’d increase the margin-top for the H1 to somewhat like 40px. That gives the site more “space”.

Question: why do you use news before about in the top menu? Now it scrolls down, and then up. Is this on purpose?

Thanks a lot for your detailed and constructive feedback! It has many valuable points and I really appreciate it!

I will look through all the comments in detail and see what is possible to adjust. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Thanks again!

Hey Cecilia,

Congrats for the websites, I really liked the!

One quick question: in order to make your contact section appearing like that did you use this interaction: ?

I want to try to implement something similar :slight_smile:


Happy you like our website!

We did use a slightly different method. The Contact section is always visible. although its position is set at -173px (the height of the section). I added an interaction to the Contact button:

Then another interaction was added to the cross button in the contact section:

This was an easy way to solve this. Hope it helps!

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