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Two New Landing Pages with Interactions

Hi guys,

I’ve got two projects I’m working on here, not quite finished, need a critical perspective on them and would appreciate some honest thoughts.

The first is for someone that I’m working closely with on all of his branding / marketing material and strategy.

And this one is for myself, I’m currently in the process of refreshing my branding and updating everything which has taken a bit longer than anticipated. I’ve put together a holding page for whilst I’m developing the website. The copy isn’t set in stone, and I’m mainly looking for feedback on the aesthetics / usability.



Hi from Bristol! I really like the first one - colours and text animations are very nice and particle effects always look good to me! I’m not sure about the fonts and text positioning on your second site… Also the bg looks a bit too washed out to me. Only my opinion! Best regards - Kai

yep, i’m with keejo. the first one looks great.

to me, the second isn’t very impactful. i think the bg needs some work…

1st one looks great. The background video creates a great vibe.
2nd one is note my taste.

How did you make the text interactions?

@Maurice @Diarmuid_Sexton @Keejo

Thanks guys, appreciate it. I’m not massively keen on sharing work in development publicly.

Bit of a bummer that nobody is keen on the background, I love it personally. My taste. But I hear what you’re saying. Any suggestions?

What do we think about the layout?

I took the animations from another guy who posted on the forum, I should of copied the link in really. Will post it when I’m on my laptop.

I really like the interaction on Jackson Lee Presents, I’d love to see how you did that part :slight_smile:

Super cool stuff! As far as being effective at capturing leads, I vote the first one.