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Two layer filtering

I’m trying to filter a Careers page by jobs and/or by location.
From the examples I saw with mixitup3 by @sabanna (which are awesome) there is only one layer of filtering.
you can filter by a category or return to all.
I’m looking to filter the careers page with two filters:
example: I need to allow a designer in Munich be able to find all the creative jobs in his city.
example2: I need to allow a french guy see all the job listing in Paris
example3: I need to allow a developer see all the dev jobs worldwide, when he considers relocation.

all the jobs are items in one collection

any thoughts on filtering that?

Hi, @gushon!

I think MixitUp Multifilter would help in this situation. With multifilter functionality user can select options in several “dimensions”: Type of job (design, development, writing, etc.), Location (list of countries or cities). Although, with list of cities it might be a bit more complicated than standard setup, but possible.

This example is about the clothing, but can give you a general understanding:

The tutorial is here

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Hi Sabanna! I love your tutorials and I’m also looking to the same but with three categories location and/or type and/or topic. Is it really possible to do with the standard MixItUp?

HI, @fxma7!

For your case, you will definitely need a multifilter add-on from mixitup. It provides an additional file that you will need to include in the code.

Everything else I cover in my tutorials about “multidimensional filtering”. You can use as many types of categories as you need for filter combinations. Just make sure you are applying all the correct categories to each item.