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Two forms - one Submits

Hi Everyone

I looked, but could not find a similar question.

My site has two forms: The contact form submits but the other Test form doesn’t. The test form gives a CORS problem. I have tried renaming the classes and form names etc, but it won’t submit.

Please see link here - (pasword: tomahawk).
The two forms are contact which works ( and test form which gives CORS issue in console ( and doesn’t submit…

I appreciate your help
Regards Adriaan

Hi Samliew, yes it is, the password is above as “tomahawk” for now.

Let me know if this is a problem, and I will remove it. thank you for your quick reply

You have captcha enabled, therefore ALL forms on your site needs a valid captcha key AND captcha field.

OOoo Awesome, make sense. It works now. Thank you very much for the quick replies…