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Two Forms One MailChimp!

Hi guys,

I have set up a Mailchimp list to gather visitors email addresses and successfully integrated this into the homepage. Users are then directed to a success page and encouraged to provide further details (beyond just email).

These integrations are currently directing into two separate lists in MailChimp and it is becoming unmanageable as I am (obviously) getting duplicates.

Is it possible to use one form to create an entry in a list and then a second form to input into other fields? When I have tried, I can get the email into the main list but when trying to capture additional fields, it all goes through on the front end but nothing appears in the mailchimp list.

Any help would be amazing

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Paul_W - Welcome to the forums.

I don’t think so. I had a similar issue with another client and I ended up using a transaction email after the initial sign up, where I welcomed them (confirmed the email address and the subscription) then prompted them to choose which lists and frequency they preferred. All within MC. Result was much better engagement, no spam reports, and happier customers. You may consider this flow yourself.