Two form states showing at the same time—SOLVED

Why is the “Form Success Message” showing in my designer when the “Form Settings Show State” is set to “Normal”?

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You will want to remove the display setting all together for it to work properly. :smile:

@AlexN Thanks! I was playing around last night trying to get the form to move up (it was displaying ~400 pixels further down the page) and I goofed it up!

I lied. I didn’t fix it. I have removed the display setting from the “Form Wrapper” and the “Form Success Message” is still showing.

The form success message class still has a display setting on it. You can tell this because the label is blue. If you click on the blue label you will be given the option to remove the setting. The default setting will then be restored.

@AlexN I am such a noob here! Thank, AGAIN!

I needed to clear that. I seeeee now. This seemed to make another big issue go away! Awesome!

Glad I could help. There are lots a little things to learn. It’s the nature of having such a flexible system. :slight_smile:

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