Two domains - same cms?

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I have a client who would like to have two identical sites managed by the same CMS. I.e. in detail: We have two different domains ( and, but they should display exactly the same content. The only difference is e.g. the color and two texts.

That means the client would like to add a article centrally or e.g. on page and then it should be created and displayed automatically on the other page as well.

Is this technically possible at all? Has anyone of you already made experiences in this area?
Basically it’s this post from the wishlist: Making use of a collection across multiple Webflow | Webflow Wishlist

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I have customers doing this by managing their articles in Airtable, and syncing to multiple Webflow sites with PowerImporter. It also allows them to control when the articles are published, i.e., don’t publish a Webflow site in the middle of a design change.


If you wanted EXACTLY the same two sites to be published from Webflow, itself, you could write some JavaScript as an HTML embed that adds CSS classes based on the domain.

Something like this would do the trick:

var domain1 = '';
var domain2 = '';

if (window.location.hostname === domain1) {
  document.body.classList.add(domain1.replace('.', '-'));
} else if (window.location.hostname === domain2) {
  document.body.classList.add(domain2.replace('.', '-'));

<style type="text/css"> {
    color: #f30;
  } {
    color: #06f;

Feel free to DM me, if you could use help.

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Hey Marc! Thanks very much for your message :slight_smile: I will take a look at that “PowerImporter”, never heard of it until now - Thanks!

Thanks for your message! Unfortunately it’s not the two exact same pages… Next to the domain, there should be some different texts, colors and stuff like that, but the cms and the whole structure of the page should be the same.

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Got it. I would echo @JudoHacker 's advice above. PowerImporter is a great sync tool, plus I know a couple of investors behind the platform, and I can say they really care about making it a great experience for Webflow users.

There’s an SEO note I should add, in case you’re not aware: Identical content on separate sites is a problem for SEO. You lose domain authority on the topic on BOTH websites, so sync externally-facing content with care.

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