Two collection lists with the same cms linking to one another problem


I have a banner with a collection list, that just displays the names of the items. Under that there is grid with the collection list ( that pulls from the same cms ) that shows all the details of the cms. My goal is to make the names in the baner links that scrolls down to the grid section of the same item.

What have i done so far…
I placed a embed in the first list with a href = “unique_cms_field” and in the grid collection list i plaaced another embed with div id=“unique_cms_field”

This doesn’t work. When i inspect the elements the href matches with the id of the grid item i want to target. But nothing happens. When i inspect the a tag and click on the href chrome opens a new tab with the page already on the grid item i want (so some things i got right).

The embed is absolute 0 0 0 0 with a high z index so its not that it cant be clicked, plus the cursor changes as expected

Anyone has any ideas? :slight_smile: