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Twitter Dynamic List

Yo, @Waldo! I looked at your portfolio and it blew me away! So incredible. One thing I loved was your Twitter feed. On inspection, it looked as if it was a dynamic list. Are you manually adding tweets, is it being fed from an RSS feed, or are you using Zapier? Just curious about your process behind it. Any insight would be helpful!

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I’m an idiot. It looks like a Zapier integration. I should do more investigation before asking questions…

Great question @rileyrichter I just setup an RSS feed Zap to post a new collection item each time I tweet or post to Dribbble. You can do some really neat things with Zapier and Webflow. :smiley:

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That’s such a great idea! I use Zapier a lot and it never occurred to me to use it this way. It’s such a struggle to style tweets and make them look good and this is such a great work around. Strong work!

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