Twine & Webflow (Choose-Your-Own-Adventure)

I’m trying to make a choose-your-own-adventure web experience akin to in Webflow. This is going to be for a client who is very familiar with Twine — so I’d love to create an API connection that fuses Twine with Webflow. If you can offer any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have any experience with Twine on GitHub and embedding it in a Webflow site?

When I hit “make this live” it should grab all content from Twine and rinse it through a filter. Each twine step will turn into a slide. Each branch will create a URL; ie. Left path /1 Right path / 2 , second fork… It will generate all those static pages and upload those videos wherever you will store them (like vimeo or youtube) HTML to have the right links. Any data from twine will give a number of pages.

  1. Can we get data from Twine?
  2. Is it possible to connect that to a slider layout?
  3. How to match the display of a Twine story that has one link (continue) v. multiple links (choice) on a given slide.

Given there is a 10k character limit on HMTL embeds, I won’t be able to paste the Twine directly into Webflow — and I don’t see any available integration at the moment that allows for this. There also doesn’t appear to be a plugin available yet for this.

So, if it were to be hosted externally, on GitHub for example, and dropped into an HMTL embed, I’m a bit overwhelmed by how to get that to display in Webflow…

Thanks again for any help!