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[Tutorial] Tabs Pagination Workaround

Hello Community,

Just sharing a workaround for adding pagination between tabs. Not sure if there’s a way to implement that natively neither if it’s been solved somewhere else in the forum. First time writing here! :hatching_chick::blush:

Live Example:
Preview Link:

This workaround is fairly simple to implement.

Short Rationale

  1. Give each Tab Link (under Tabs Menu) a unique ID (in this example I’ve used ‘Jellyfish’, ‘Desert’ and ‘Smoke’ - you can name it as you like)

  2. Create two buttons (your Pagination Buttons) inside each Tab Pane (under Tabs Content)

  3. Give each Pagination Button a unique ID (in this example I’ve used ‘PreviousTab1’ and ‘NextTab1’ for the buttons inside Tab #1)

  4. Got to your page settings

  5. In Custom Code, add the code before the body tag

Here’s the code snippet used in this example.

  // Pagination buttons inside Tab 1


	 // Pagination buttons inside Tab 2


 // Pagination buttons inside Tab 3


Hope that’s useful. Let me know if you need any assistance. Glad to give back to this amazing community from which I’ve learned sooooo much. Many thanks to everyone here!