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Tutorial - scroll problem

how i can scroll down without mouse?? i tried everything…no touch pad, no think pad… no arrows…using chrome

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Hi there @Andrzej1. Please can you be more specific about the problem you have.

What are you trying to scroll down? The designer?

Also, please include your read-only link so we can take a better look at your project and help you.

Well, I just start tutorial, and there is info to scroll down page , but I can’t do anything , when I refresh I must start tut from beginning.
I can’t close it or choose any other option , as you can see on picture , scroll down for more …

@Andrzej1 You should be able to scroll down the designer using the wheel on your mouse. Or are you using a trackpad?

Which tutorial are you referring to? Can you please post a link.

:joy: i dont have mouse , using touch pad on laptop, its first tutorial second step …

So I understand there is no option working on webflow without mouse ?

Hey @Andrzej1, yes it should work absolutely fine with a touchpad/trackpad. Have you tried opening another Webflow project and seeing it if works in there? As it might just be a bug/issue with the particular Webflow project you have open currently.

i cant start any other project until finish tutorial
is there any way to skip it???

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