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[TUTORIAL] MixItUp filtering plugin with Dynamic content

@sabanna I wanted to thank you in the forum for the help you have provided with my project … I took you’re suggestion and simplified my data-values. however, I am still having an issue. could you take a look (hopefully one last time) I would really appreciate it

read only link:

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Hello Anna! @sabanna :wave:
It’s me again, Gabriel.

Thanks to Your help I could move forward and tried the MixItUp multifilter function.
Unfortunately something went wrong, the filtering isn’t working. :frowning:

Would You please check again my read only link, what’s wrong with the setup? :see_no_evil:

published site:

Thank You for your time!


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Hi, @Gabriel_Hajdok!

You simply lost the letter “n” in the URL :see_no_evil: and browser can’t get access to the file

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Big thank You @sabanna for Your help. :heart_eyes: This means a lot to me.

Now the first dropdown filter is working, but the others still not. I think I missed something from your “Multidimensional filtering” tutorial, but don’t know what exactly.

Would you please check again what’s the problem? :see_no_evil:

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  1. You can’t leave spaces in the values, because they should match CSS classes, any spaces should be replaced by dash (-)

  2. MixitUp automatically transforms all “special” (non ASCI) characters inside its API when you making any filter selection ( changes ü to u for example), so you will need to make sure your markup matches the sanitised version of any query.
    I will try to write a function for doing it automatically, but it will take some time.

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Ok @Gabriel_Hajdok, here is what you will need to do:

  1. Change the function that I showed on the screenshot to the code snippet bellow


   var conv = function (str) {
    if (!str) {
        str = 'empty';
    return str.replace(/[!\"#$%&'\(\)\*\+,\.\/:;<=>\?\@\[\\\]\^`\{\|\}~]/g, '')
    	      .replace(/ /g, "-")
            .replace(/[ä|à|á|æ|ã]/gi, "a")
            .replace(/[ó|ö|ô|ò|œ]/gi, "o")
            .replace(/[ü|ú|ű|û|ù]/gi, "u")
            .replace(/[í|î|ï|ī]/gi, "i" )
  1. In all filters, replace all umlauts and accents to the “Latin” characters accordingly (examples you can see in the code snippet above :point_up:) and add dashes instead of spaces.


  1. Remove values from the “all” option, it doesn’t work properly with word all in the latest MixitUp API

Hi @sabanna ! So many thanks for Your help Anna, without You my project would worth nothing. :see_no_evil:
Now everything works fine, I can continue my work. :raised_hands:

Thanks again! You are an angel! :innocent:


I have installed mix it up on my site and everything works well with one exception. When I click on the navigational buttons the images start to reconfigure and then abruptly jump up.

For example if you’re in “ALL PORTRAITS” and then you click on the “MEN“ button, once the first row populates, the lower rows snap up. It also happens when you go to “WOMEN” from “ALL PORTRAITS”. However, if you go to “CHILDREN” from “MEN” it transitions smoothly, like I would expect them all to work.

Is there anyway to make the transition smoother universally?

Here’s my share link:

This is driving me crazy. Thanks for any advice or assistance you can provide.

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Hi, @paint.you1830!

I would try to make a duration shorter and maybe remove the scale animation. Also, did you try to use flexbox instead of grid for the container?

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Hi Sabanna,

I tried many variations with both grid and flexbox. All with that dreaded snap effect. It seems that no matter what I did I would get that snapping until I finally removed all effects in the code.


It’s pretty frustrating because I can’t control the speed of the transition, but at least it’s consistent, although too quick for my taste. That jumping came across as buggy, at least to me. I wish there was some way I could slow it down. I tried nudge but it froze in the middle. Any suggestions?

Thanks for looking.

Read only link:

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Hello Anna! @sabanna :wave:

I wanted to achieve the search function with multidimensional filtering. :hugs:
But somehow the searching isn’t working, only the filtering. Probably is missing something or I made a mistake somewhere. :sweat:

Would You be so kind please check the code if You will have time for a quick look? :pray:

live preview:

read only link:

I appreciate and fully respect your time. :clap:


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The author of the MixitUp made the search on the multi-filter only working similar to the a filter control, it search only by category and one category at a time.

Also, it require a bit different implementation and applying separate parameter to each mix-item. :woman_shrugging:


Hi, @paint.you1830

  1. Animation by default doesn’t have a SPEED. It has a duration, you are setting up how milliseconds it will take to change certain property on the element.

For example, this code:

"animation": {
        "duration": 674,
        "nudge": false,
        "reverseOut": false,
        "effects": "fade translateY(-17%)"

It means that in 674 milliseconds all this will happes, elements will

  • fade = change its opacity from 0to 100% (or from 100% to 0) and
  • translateY = move 17% up
  1. Using a Grid for the container is not recommended by the author of the MixitUp. Or at least he mentions that he didn’t include the support for that type of layout in the library. From my experience, any layout that is forcing to “hold the space for the item” will give such glitch.

I would recommend using Flex, instead of Grid, and make sure to set align-content to flex-start It will fix the problem with the animation “snapping”

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Thank You Anna for Your reply! :raised_hands:@sabanna It would be enought to filter (search) by one category. :point_up:t2:
Could You help me what parameter should I implement or any hint how to make it work? :see_no_evil: Thanks for Your time again! :pray:

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Hi @sabanna,

I was wondering if there was a way to order dynamic items randomly ?
I have an entire dynamic website working properly with category filters, like explained in your amazing tutorial, but wanted to add a randomize button like described in the mixitup sorting documentation.

<button type="button" data-sort="random">randomize</button>

does that mean I need to find a way to dynamically add a data-sort attribute to my mix div, something like so:

<div class="mix" data-number="01"</div> :thinking:

Read only link here
Would you have an advice or best practice to use ?

EDIT: or is it possible to order items based on their combo class ?

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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It worked!!! Thanks so much.


for those being anoyed to always hide the .mix div before publish, here is a quick hack :slight_smile:

just copy that css line and past it into the page setting after the <head> tag custom code.
That way, you can style your mix divs as you please in the Webflow designer, and click publish.
I’ve tried it out, it works.

/* mixitup hack 🥳 */
.mix{display: none;}

don’t forget to wrap the css line between its <style></style> tags

Hope that helps.

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I did try a dynamic data-number injection via JavaScript, the console successfully logs the mix div having their respective data-number based on the index of their array but still no luck with the random ordering. When The button random is clicked, all mix div disappear :thinking:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", event => {
  (function dynamicSorting() {
    let mixes = document.getElementsByClassName("mix");
    for (let i = 0; i < mixes.length; i++) {
      let mix = mixes[i];
      mix.setAttribute("data-number", [i]);
      // the mix divs in the DOM now do have a data-number attribute
      // but the random sorting still doesn't work 😭

Here is a codepen to play with
Any idea ?

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Hi, just wanted to ask if this allows you to filter with CMS content selected from a dropdown? I have a list of jobs (each with a category, type (perm/contract) and a region) - Can i use mixitup to filter the jobs in my CMS is a user selects an option in a dropdown? Can it combine selections from multiple dropdowns in its filter?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey man is it something like this that you are looking for?

Add me on disqord if you want to chat, @k4kans