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[Tutorial] How to make hero section always fill browser window

I don’t understand what would be the problem with backgrounds. You can simply refer to the object with a unique id. Contact me over Skype and we will find a way out of this situation. Details are in my profile.

Ok. I just sent you a message on your skype not long ago. I hope u r available. Please ring when you are available. Thanks.

Fantastic! For anyone not wanting to touch the scary JS, use the Webflow instructions, worked perfectly for me! check it oout

Cheers @danro!

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This is old but I was searching for how to do this and found this page, so ty so much guys.

I used method 2,but it’s a very non standard site, so instead of using the directions for “body” and “section” I just read it as “parent” and “child” and worked great!

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