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[TUTORIAL] Disqus (comments plug-in) in Webflow

Hey there Webflowers :smile:
I have created a short and simple tutorial for implementing the Disqus plug-in, in a Webflow project. Implementing Disqus is fairly simple, and I hope this will help.

Tutorial page:

And the project:


Wow, amazing !
Beautifully made aswell, thank you for sharing !! :star_struck:

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Awesome!! Thanks for this!

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Great job with this tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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Nice demo.

The thing that puts me off Disqus is that sometimes I visit a website that has Disqus comments and get a loading wheel rather than the comments. Do you ever run into this issue?

I have not.
If you encounter something like this in the near future, will you post a link here?

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Does this work for dynamic pages as well? Let’s say a blog posting?

Hey @mburlinson, sorry for the delay - yes, it works for Dynamic pages as well :smiley:

Thank you for this! I was wondering why web flow never made one since disqus doesn’t support it directly.