Tutorial: Adding video calls to Webflow projects

Hello forum! My team and I have been busy building video calling software and hardware for a few years now and we’ve been building our marketing site in Webflow. You can learn more about our company by visiting our site out here.

In short, we’re building a video calling platform. We started with hardware for offices (Daily.co TV) and also offer free browser calls on your own subdomain (i.e. you.daily.co/meeting). However lately we’ve been super busy building out our API to empower video calls for developers around the globe.

I’ve been keen to see if we could add video calls to Webflow projects with our API, hence this post. Long story short, it’s really simple to add video calls to Webflow pages. You can check out our demo site which is a mock mentorship product we designed and built in Webflow.

Read only version of demo.

With only a few lines of code we were able to embed video calls into Webflow. The only requirement is that you have a paid Webflow plan in order to use custom code. Read our blog post for more details: https://www.daily.co/blog/how-to-embed-video-calls-on-a-custom-webflow-site

We’re pretty pumped on this and wanted to share! If you have any questions or are interested in using our API for your video calling needs, please just contact us! We’re happy to chat or hop on a video call :wink:


Hey, this is really cool! I don’t suppose you have any features in the pipeline that would allow different users, connected via Memberstack, to video call each other?

Hello @stephenmeszaros

Great achievement and good to hear. free version is avaiable?? how you define your pricing model like Monthly basis(SaaS ) or one time payment solution (SaaP) .