[TUTORIAL] Adding video and audio recording capabilities to Webflow

I was looking for a tutorial like this, but I couldn’t find one so I thought to create it myself and share it with the community here.

In short, in this tutorial I have covered how to create a video testimonials page end-to-end by using a third-party tool which provides the necessary infrastructure to capture users’ video, audio or screen.

By using this integration you will be able to allow your users to record a video or audio or their screen directly on your Webflow website.

Full Disclaimer: The third-party tool I have used is called Pipe and I work for this company.


ha! Recording? That’s very cool, thanks! :smiley:

Hi Vincent,
I am glad you like it!

Thanks for the great tutorial.
I am looking to stream to my backend and get a result from it overlaid on the screen, is there a functionality like that?

This is pretty cool. Going to bookmark this for the future. Thanks for sharing!