Tutor Wanted, Placement of Elements


I am brand new to Webflow and am working on an unpublished site. I have a design background. I need help doing some basic things like making my content appear where I want it to appear. I think I need about an hour of one on one to get my project moving. I am happy to pay for the help.



Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @taranoella,

Welcome to the forum!

Happy to help out, if you record a Loom video describing the issues you’re having I’d be happy to record a response to answer your questions!

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Welcome to Webflow and the forum, Tara!

@mww is a capable and helpful fellow :slight_smile: But feel free to write here with a detailed explanation, and we’ll be happy to try and assist!

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Thank you for your offer to help Milan. I’ve been going through the videos and picking up some helpful pointers. I decided to go design all the content first in XD rather than try to design the content in Webflow. Much better. Once that’s done I will go back to Webflow.