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Turning multiple static pages into a CMS collection

I’ve got ~20 or so static “newsletter” pages that I want to turn into a CMS collection since I’m constantly fighting the 100 page limit that Webflow imposes.

I (obviously) want to avoid having to re-create all of these by hand using rich text.

Is there an easier way to get these pages into a CMS collection, including styling and assets?

I’ve tried saving the HTML and adding it into a CMS page as custom code but there is a 10,000 character limit that prevents it from saving.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Here is a public share link of an example newsletter to be converted:

You may be able to inject the html into a rich text field via the API. Should get you around the character limit. You won’t be able to edit the content, however. You could also break up your custom code into sections.

An alternative would be to handle newsletters off Webflow.