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Turning animations on and off while working


I am sorry if this question has been asked before. Perhaps it has, but it seems as if most questions about switching animations on and off are discussions of how to implement these on a fully working page.

Personally I have just begun working with Webflow and as I am figuring out the design I would like to switch animations on and off until I find what looks best. If I had been coding this in Visual Studio I could just grey out the animations I wanted to keep out, but so far in Webflow I find myself having to delete perfectly good animations just to isolate the single element I am working on.

Put another way; I am creating ‘animation 1’ for ‘blue box’, ‘animation 2’ for ‘red box’ and ‘animation 3’ for ‘yellow box’. If I would like to fine tune the movements of ‘red box’ it would be helpful to temporary disable ‘animation 1’ and ‘animation 3’ while I get ‘animation 2’ just right. How do I do that without deleting them?

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