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Turning a wireframe template into the final product

Hi guys. I’d like to use this template for my first WF project, but I am not quite sure how to proceed with it.
In the description it’s written: “The great thing about using Webflow is that the wireframes can be turned into the final product. How cool is that?”
That sounds like a fantastic idea, but I am not sure how to do it properly.
Let’s say I want to design a landing page using this wireframe kit. I need to create a wifreframe prototype to show it to the client and then turn it into the final product.
What are the steps to get it done?
Should I create a new project and copy/paste components from the wireframe kit? Or should I clone the wifreframe project and start making changes in the template itself? What about pages I don’t need? Should I simply remove them?

I also have a question about the use of VWs in this Template. It sounds like a coold idea to use VWs for responsive layours, but what about older browsers that don’t support VWs ( Will it still work in those browsers or not?