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Turn Off Slider Basic Animation

Hi there! :grinning:

Is there any way to turn off slide basic animations, but left timeout? I want to create my own slider animation with interactions, but it can’t be combined with basic slide animation)

Is there any CSS or JS to do that? :sunglasses:

P.S. Sry 4 my English… It’s bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You dont have this function in the admin (animation type = none). You can add this as feature req.

I think if you try to build your site like this you create a “mess”. If you add your own JS code. What will happen if the Core slider js/css code will change? (the system always change and upgrade).

If your slider is really a difference (like swiper.js or owl carousel). Add cdn + add makrup like the docs and this will work fine. Or work with your own code.

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