Turn off global site tag

I have purchased a template that included e-commerce…I will not be using that component…so I deleted all the related content…and will be placing no index code on those pages…but how can I turn off the global site tag (see screenshot…it will not allow me to change it).

Thank you for your help!


@K824 The google tag is in the head section of your sites html.
Is this a Weflow template?
Can not the person you bought it from remove this for you.

Yes, I purchased it from Webflow… I’m not sure I can try contacting him.

If you still need help after talking to the seller you can contact me.
I am sure ,however, that the seller will help you.

Hi @K824 Kim,

Unfortunately, this tag will not be able to be removed since it is part of the e-commerce feature. Even the person who made it will not be able to remove this.

You can however use this code: ```
gtag(‘config’, ‘GA_MEASUREMENT_ID’, { ‘send_page_view’: false });

to in a sense turn it off. 


Thank you, I appreciate the help. If I were to leave the tag as is… how would it affect my standing with Google…(compliance and all)?..I’m new at this…

Also where would I enter this snippet?

Thanks again!



You would add it to the head of the custom code but wrap | | tags!

It would remove the google tag from ur site.

To enter custom code view page settings.i was trying to use adobe video encoder to upload a recording for you. taking forever
somewhere it says you can upload gif and somewhere mp4 but neither work as exported from Adobe Media Encoder.
If the previous doesn’t work I made a screen video for you but I can not seem to upload it

Thank you both for your help! :smiley: